04 March 2005

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1) When you go to law school, then you can feel free to chime in.

2) Why can prosecutors and judges nullify but not juries?

3) Rounding up the cops-dealers in Cancun.

4) Forced blood draws in DUI cases.

5) The big boss lady is out.

6) The government never loses a criminal case.

7) Mounties killed in a marijuana raid.

8) "Look, people come here to collect their benefits, NOT to get arrested."

9) Arresting a kid who writes a zombie story because it takes place in school.

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't a marijuana raid. He did have a few plants, but that's not why the police were there. The officers were helping a baliff repossess a truck. He had a long history of violence and convictions with a particular interest in harassing police officers and their families.