23 March 2005

Around the Web

Interesting stuff out there today:

1) A discussion of the theory of criminal punishment over at the Conspiracy (and it's not even Orin).

2) Prosecuting a former public defender just because she wasn't actually an attorney.

3) The Idaho Supreme Court rules that a prosecutor cannot lie to the court. Hmmm . . . Don't often see courts turn on prosecutors.

4) No one is above the law - not even the Easter Bunny.

5) Is the fact that the officer is driving behind your client the real reason he swerves?

6) Two years after the trial begins the judge stops the proceeding because the case is so bad.

7) If you support the sale of fake Botox you might catch a charge.

8) I guess Commonwealth Conservative didn't go to the Prosecutors' conference this week. Either that or it's so boring that he has to keep blogging to stay awake.

9) How can a defense attorney tell it's Spring in North Carolina? He stops getting paid.

10) Marry Scott Peterson? So what do you do if his appeal is successful? The evidence might not have proven anything but you'd have to be suspicious. Maybe you'd figure he couldn't be dumb enough to do it twice.

11) I knew he couldn't stay gone for the rest of the month.

12) Whatdoya'know. Three hours in handcuffs without specific suspicions is reasonable.

13) Federal punishment v. States.

14) Bananas and cops.

15) Thank goodness for hunger pangs. How else would you stop a drunk driver?

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Anonymous said...

Nope, I didn't make it to the Commonwealth's Attorneys conference. Too much work to do.

Commonwealth Conservative