17 March 2005

Infinite Variety: A New Nigeria Scam

My Dear,

I am representing Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky (M.K.), CEO of YUKOS Oil Giant Company in Russia which I hope you are aware of. In that capacity, I would like to ask for your partnership in re-profiling of funds valued over US$165,000,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE MILLION UNITED STATES DORLARS) only.

I am making this contact based on the previous auction of Yukos Oil Giant Company and Mr. M.K?s current detention in jail by the Russian President (PUTIN). I will provide you with detail information as soon as I hear positively from you concerning this project, but in brief, the funds are coming via private trust company and on the esteemed instruction of Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky. This is a legitimate transaction guaranteeing your partnership and involvement 100% risk free both in the process and right after..

You will be provided with a Memorandum of Understanding or an Agreement to guide and guarantee you further in your participation. Your "Management Fees" will be 10%, If you are interested, please write back and I will provide further details which I cannot do now for reasons which I hope you will understand perfectly well.

It will be appreciated if we can Keep this to ourselves for now. Finally, please note that this must be concluded within a short time and you may reply me through my alternate email address: dmistrov@teenmail.XX.XX

I look forward to your earliest response.


Dmitri Bystrov

[comment] The scammers are getting better but y'know, the fact that it came with Spanish advertising at the bottom and asked me to contact at a "teenmail" address in Africa left me kind of suspicious.

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