17 October 2005

Around the Web

1) A Blawger conference in Chicago. Gotta admit that I wonder how many people will actually make the trip.

2) Okay, I hate spam as much as the next guy, but there seems to be something wrong with using warrants to put someone out of business. I wonder why this guy was still doing anything in the States. Why didn't he find out where Pirate Bay is located and get servers in that country?

3) Money is lacking but there are plenty of untrustworthy lawyers.

4) Great, not only are DUI laws draconian, they are also profitable.

5) No comment.

6) C'mon. Bragging about having done 6 trials in a year? That's impressive in what universe?

7) Serving warrants at 0-dark-30 on a Sunday morn. There are many days I'm so glad I'm not an officer.

8) Are the prosecutors in L.A. trying to kill more people?

9) It looks like the gloves may be coming off in white collar crime and defendants will be tried just like everybody else who is pushed through the system.

10) Imagine for a second being a prosecutor. Officer Smith drops by with some good news: "We finally cracked the massage parlor prostitute ring." You're thrilled, until you ask how.

Make sure you click through and read the actual "Affidavit of Probable Cause."

11) Leave it to the Japanese to fight crime with cell phones.

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