20 October 2005

Australian Anti-Terrorism Bill

In Australia an anti-terrorism bill is being called a "draconian police-state plan." Different news organizations are concentrating on different parts of the bill. It contains provisions allowing police to shoot to kill. The bill allows the punishment of news reporters for outlining the other side's beliefs. The government would gain the power to immediately and indefinitely detain a person without recourse to the courts.

I did a quick search but didn't find articles which were in favor of the bill.

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Adelaide Gamer said...

Ken, I live in Oz and haven't seen any articles favoring the proposed laws (although polls are showing a supposed popular support for the proposals with exception of 'shoot to kill' provision). To give an idea of the situation, they are to be introduced to our parliament and a ONE DAY enquiry is to be conducted on the ONE DAY that the nation stops (for a horse race, the Melbourne Cup). I, personally, will not welcome the advent of a police state with overt covert powers. I think I will become illegal within several years if things keep sliding the way they are (to disagree with government has had people publicly labelled as "traitors" by politicians of all sides recently). Makes me think we are about to regret our lack of a Bill of Rights or, as they have in Britain, overarching human rights legislation.