13 April 2006

And the Marijuana Busts Roll On

1 ton

2,000 pounds

3 pounds (and 500 mature mushroom plants)

29 pounds of marijuana, three pounds of hash oil and one kilo of kief

"An upscale house backing a golf course in the western part of this college town [Lawrence, Kansas] was used almost exclusively to grow marijuana."

If you grow marijuana at your house taking a picture of it and then going to get it developed at your local grocery store may not be the brightest move.

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Anonymous said...

"Among other items they say they seized 500 mature mushroom plants"

Not to be pedantic, but this is absolutely impossible. Mushrooms are not plants. I'm wondering if they seized 500 separate fungi growing in 500 separate containers or if they seized one big container with 500 mushroom caps growing out of a single fungus. It seems weird that they would be able to quantify how many individual fungi were seized. Not that it really matters, but you would hope that between the police and the media, someone would know the difference between a fungus and a plant - that it like 6th grade stuff....