06 April 2006

"We were dangerous because we were obeying the law"

Ever wonder why people have little respect for many of our laws?

My theory is that we're trained not to respect them. In fact, for things to work properly you often must ignore the law.

You want proof?!? What, my bald assertions aren't good enough for you? Okay - Here's a video of a group of people who went out and obeyed the speed limit on a highway in Atlanta.


TWM said...

I saw this video a while back and posted on it. They were not dangerous because they were obeying the speed limit. They were dangerous because they were blocking all the lanes. The left lanes are for passing and slower traffic should stay to the right.

Sure, the people behind them should not be speeding but blocking the lanes was not the thing to do about it. That is was traffic enforcement officers are for.

They were literally asking for road rage to be inflicted on them. And had someone crashed because of this stupidity then they should have been held responsible.

I'm not advocating that everyone ignore the speed limits. They should be obeyed, but "left-lane vigilantism" is not the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

"And had someone crashed because of this stupidity then they should have been held responsible."

That is crazy. If someone is speeding and tries to pass on the shoulder of the road and causes an accident, there is no way, and should not be a way, to pin that on someone driving the speed limit in the left lane. That is ridiculous. Driving the speed limit is not illegal, and no one should ever be "held responsible" for doing so.

Ken Lammers said...

Aha! I knew I'd seen that somewhere before. I just couldn't remember where. Here's TWM's post.

TWM, I agree that the left lane is for faster, passing traffic. However, that is not to say that the left lane is for breaking the law. In theory, the drivers / law-obeyers in the left lane should have been moving exactly with the traffic flow at its maximum. The ones in the right lane should have traveled in the traffic flow until they hit a bus, truck, or little old lady car which forced them to break formation by slowing down because they were in the lane where this slow traffic was located.

If people actually obeyed the speed limits everything they did was perfectly safe. Of course, we all know that nobody obeys the limit and it's an accepted part of driving. This is a perfect example of why people learn to disrespect parts of the law - it's obviously stupid and wrong to obey the speed limit.

TWM said...

Well, I didn't say the left lane was for breaking the law. What I said was that drivers should leave it open and let the cops pull over the guys speeding in that lane. Blocking that lane in some misguided attempt to slow down other drivers is only inviting road rage and on many occasions results in accidents and people getting hurt. The people blocking the lane are paying more attention to what is behind them instead of what is in front of them and the speeder is going to try something stupid to pass them.

You aren't going to get speeders to respect the speed limit by blocking the fast lane. You just make em mad and they do even more dangerous things than speeding.

Anonymous said...

I think that's the point, TWM. They weren't blocking the fast lane, they were just driving in it at maximum speed, exactly as it was meant to be used.

They were only "blocking" it, rather than "using" it, if going the speed limit is slower than the acceptable rate for that lane.