13 April 2006

Marijuana: And Then There's California

1) Alameda County to issue medical pot ID

2) New medical marijuana dispensaries were temporarily banned in unincorporated parts of Contra Costa County to allow supervisors to develop new zoning regulations.

3) Future medical cannabis clubs looking to take root in Atascadero will have to comply with a new city ordinance approved Tuesday.

OMG! There's been a massive outbreak of serious, long-term, painful diseases and conditions in California. Either that or they're handing out marijuana to people who stub their toes.

Wait, there's one last story:

4) The city of Emeryville has paid $15,000 to a medical marijuana user who was busted for growing pot, settling a lawsuit that accused police of refusing to return his seized plants, some of which were stolen by thieves, authorities said today.

Hmmm . . . Y'know, I remember something about the feds still declaring all this stuff illegal and being supported by the courts. Heck, this open refusal to obey federal mandates is more than S.C. was doing before it declared secession. I wonder . . .

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