26 April 2006

Another Appeal Accepted

After several years of practice without a single petition for an appeal being accepted by the Virginia Court of Appeals, I had my third petition in a row accepted yesterday. Not sure what to make of that . . .

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the petition was accepted. A company which has helped me put together petitions and briefs in the past has notified my office that the petition was accepted last Friday. However, I've gotten no confirmation of this from the Court of Appeals. I'm reasonably certain it will appear in the mail today or Thursday. Still, it would've been nice if I'd been notified first.

I'm especially interested in finding out which of the two questions I petitioned on has been accepted (or if both have been). The first is a Miranda question and the second is a Batson. I suspect the question accepted is probably the Miranda one because recent case law may have moved the State's common law more in favor of individual rights. We'll see.

Now, if I could just convince the Virginia Supreme Court to take my collateral estoppel argument . . .

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