21 May 2006

Odds and Ends

1) Grand theft ham.

2) Massuese fraud.

3) Rope across the road + motorcycle = bad neighbors.

4) A gym teacher who took a dollar a day bribe from kids who didn't want to attend class.

5) If you get away from the police by ditching your car they just might check your plates and be waiting for you when you take that cab home.

6) Looks like the US isn't the only country with illegal immigrant and drug problems at its borders.

7) Just because you don't believe in the IRS doesn't mean it doesn't believe in you.

8) 9 attorneys later, the judge suspects that a defendant refusing treatment for his gangrene is doing so to delay his trial.

9) Want to get away with stealing cars? Maybe you should steal them one piece at a time.

10) Steal petrol in New Zealand - stop driving.

11) A South African judge recuses himself because the defense attorney has an ear infection.

12) What happens when they find 40 illegal slot machines in South Africa? They throw them down an old mine.

13) If you win a million dollars on national TV, pay your taxes.

14) Guess what guys? Hoffa's dead. Why are you still hunting for him?

15) It must be nice to be able to run away and hide in Japan if you're going to be prosecuted in South America.

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