25 May 2006

Odds & Ends

1) Yeah, those medical marijuana clubs are about helping people. Really, they are. Honest.

2) Being a firebug shouldn't keep you from governing - at least in Scotland.

3) Wondrful. Crying rape to avoid paying the fare.

4) Cold? Drunk? Can't get the police to arrest you? Go away and come back to the police station with a stick and bottle and threaten break the place up. I just wonder if she said "I'll be back."

5) If a police officer does a kiddie sting on you you go to prison. If a news agency does the same thing to you you walk free.

6) I don't care how funny the deceased would have found it, when you turn the body over to the family you have to give the head back too. Well, maybe not if it's in Australia.

7) For goodness sake, don't boast to a jailhouse snitch that you could get away with robbing the police station.

8) Hubris: (noun) The act of disrupting a community event which is important to your classmates and their families because you think it should be about you. Just Desserts: (noun) Getting hauled off the stage and getting the charge you so richly deserve.

9) For some reason those nutty New Zealanders seem to think that driving 75 miles per hour "using one foot to steer and the other to operate the accelerator and brake pedals" is dangerous to the public. But how else is a man without arms to drive? They must not have a version of the ADA over there.

10) Okay, it's got nothing to do with crimlaw, but I think this is hilarious.