10 May 2006

Taser Death - No Prosecution

Two San Bernardino County Sheriff's sergeants will not face criminal charges for the death of a combative suspect who was repeatedly zapped with a stun gun., Leroy Pierson, 55, died nearly a year ago after deputies shocked him four times with a Taser at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga. The final electric shock was applied for a full 47 seconds. Pierson was handcuffed and hooded with his legs restrained in a jail cell when he received his fatal injuries.

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Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully the family will win a nice big lawsuit against the department since the officers were acting according to some seriously flawed training. I mean, all they needed to do was leave the guy alone to calm down before removing the cuffs. He was already restrained and in jail when he received the final shocks if the article is to be believed. If they were worried about him hurting himself with the cuffs, shocking him repeatedly was not the solution. I suspect he was getting paid back for all that biting and spitting.