23 May 2006

Texas Rides Again

As I've said many a time here on the blog, every time I get really depressed about the state of criminal justice in Virginia all I have to do is look at Texas.

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blanfear said...

I am very concerned of the prior state that the Texas Justice System is in, we have become nothing but more than a police state. Why are so many innocent people getting convicted in Texas. This is due to false allegations, wrongful identification, shoddy police investigations! Coercing people to take a plea bargain that states it is not a conviction once completion of probation the case is dismissed no finding of guilt! The forming of the exclusion list which includes domestic, violence, any sex crime, child abuse. I am stunned at the alarming percentage of false allegations of these crimes, due to a vindictive spouse or girlfriend, or the simple fact of shoddy police/detective work!! So what do you do if you are falsely accused of a crime. Can't afford a highly qualified attorney and a much needed private investigator, or the fact you have no decent alibies to prove your innocence? You take a plea bargain correct? Deferred adjudication in Texas, this law is so warped and corrupted!! How can the law say its a non-conviction, and now the forming of the exclusion list, which also includes many innocent people having to register as a sex offender! This IS by far convicting these people with out due process! This law has become so unconstitutional! We need help in Texas bad!!!