26 July 2006

Bashing the Power of Prosecutors

Views on class and race, even unconsciously, lead prosecutors to make shoot-from-the-hip decisions easily at odds with true justice, Davis asserts: "I saw it all the time in the D.C. system. A rich kid comes in (though few are arrested) with parents and family lawyer, explaining 'Little Johnny has a drug problem and let's put him in a program, not lock him up.' The prosecutor usually agrees. But a poor, black or Latino kid comes in on a parallel drug case, maybe with a public defender, and the prosecutor figures — 'I can't let you back into the neighborhood; I'll send you to jail.' "


Anonymous said...

Angela Davis criticizing Prosecutors is suppose to surpirse me. I would be more surprised if she didn't considering her background.

Anonymous said...

You know, I really should have paide more attention to spelling in school. :)

Tom McKenna said...

Yeah, she owned a shotgun used by her fellow communists to abduct and murder a judge; she advocates abolishing prisons; was an avid apologist for the Soviet Union. In a sane country, she would wiping off tables in a diner somewhere. In our whacky upside down world, she's feted as a hero of the people and given a lucrative, if highly capitalistic job, as a "professor" (try not to chortle) at American U.

No wonder that school is a joke.