21 July 2006

A Look into the World of Witness Protection

"Don't find a counterfeiter a job in a printing plant."

Y'know, I once had a lady show up for a minor charge (I think driving suspended). She pulled me into one of the conference rooms and told me she was now in witness protection because she had testified in some gang murder. I went to a phone and called her contact person (a prosecutor) and told him where she was and what was going on. He was rather extremely unhappy to be talking to a defense attorney and wouldn't tell me anything. Eventually, I gave him the phone number for the local prosecutor's office and asked him to call the duty prosecutor. 10 minutes later the duty prosecutor zipped out the front door of the prosecutor's office across the hall to the court and got the charge immediately dropped. I may be wrong, but I took that as confirmation.


---Chris---- said...


I read your blog all the time and I gotta ask... What gives with the new layout? I must be a device to attract the eye to the whitespace and text. I'm afraid to ever peel my retinas off the text for fear that my gaze may wander over near the ugly grey stuff on the side. I think that's where the horse from the movie Neverending Story died - in your grey sidecolumn.

Love the blawg!

Ken Lammers said...

See this week's LexCast.