21 July 2006

Off Point: Friday Cat Blogging

I've been sitting on this picture for a while; but somebody out there filed a FOIA on me (I think it was Blondie).

Anyway, I have an ooooollld pair of shoes which have been to Gehenna and back. They look crummy and I wouldn't wear them to impress anyone, but they are the most comfortable and indestructable item of clothing I own. I figured they'd be mine exclusively from now until the end of time until the day I went to get them and found out they'd been transformed into a bed:

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Anonymous said...

It is probably for the best that I don't have a pic, but this reminds me of when my kittie was pissed off with me (it was a lack of fish issue - she's very concerned with my diet) and yacked in my shoe.

I'm a throwback, that is to say, a smoker, and I don't smoke in my apartment. So, I wear some shoes when I meet clients, and others when I step outside.

I'm sure you can fill in the blanks, and snark about timing.