11 August 2008

Spam Comments Advertising

Scott laments the spam advertising he's getting as comments. His comments are pretty much spot on, although I'd like to add a couple pet peeves of my own.

1. Someone is putting the Chinese/Japanese/Korean comments on 5 of my posts every month or so (I can't read it, so I don't know which language). My primary question is, WHY? I can't imagine that I have a huge readership in someplace like Hong Kong (and sitemeter backs me up on this).

2. I have gotten paranoid enough that, even when comments are pertinent, I check the link for each comment which comes from someone I don't recognize. The reason for this has been that I have run into comments to things which are actually in the post and then the address of the poster has linked back to some interesting places. Sometimes it's a law office (not too bad); sometimes it's a porn site; a lot of times it's a merchandise site (again, often in a foreign language).

I'm not naive enough to think this will ever stop. However, I must admit that I wonder how people who read my English language blawg, which has a primarily U.S. readership (and a small one at that), come to the conclusion that this would be a good place to link to a Thai language site which is selling Viagra.

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