23 August 2008

Things are Looking Bungles Bad

Y'know it's bad enough that the Reds have been so bad this year and engaged in a fire sale that has even their most hardbitten fans contemplating abandoning them:
One last thing: I said I’d rename this site, but I’m not entirely sure this site will still exist. I have completely lost my enthusiasm for the Reds. I’m sick of living and dying with a team that has had 8 straight losing seasons, has little hope of emerging with a decent team in the very near future…and are below the Pirates and Royals this year.
Do you know how far you have to go before you get that kind of reaction out of that diehard a fan?

Of course, the Bungles are doing everything they can to under perform the Reds. Chad Johnson's offseason histrionics. Injuries. Injuries. Injuries to both the number one receiver, Houshmandzadeh, and number two receiver, Johnson, have crippled the team's offense. They rehired the criminal despite the coach making it crystal clear that he does not want this guy on his team. And there doesn't appear to be any improvement at all in what the Bungles laughingly call a "defense." It's going to be a long year.

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