25 October 2008

Basketball's Coming

Pretty soon the warmup season will be over and the real sport will begin. Looks like a good year. My alma mater, Centre, is ranked 13th preseason DIII, which is interesting since that's the exact same rank that Centre has in Forbes' ranking of all the schools in the entire US.

Of course, Centre Football has been getting some luv also: Campus Squeeze's Top 14 Football Upsets:
2.) 1921: Centre College Over Harvard 6-0

Today, everyone knows Harvard as the college for smart kids. But back in the 20's they were the college for smart kids AND good football playing kids. And this upset is pretty insane. Centre College, located in Kentucky, was OVER-LOADED with students, 254 of them. And the football team had probably 40 players, meaning that roughly 1/5 of the students played for the football team. No one gave Centre a shot. It was similar to the United States going to war with you. Just you. Versus the United States. And you killed everyone. It took until the third quarter for a score. Centre put it in the endzone, but missed the extra point. It wouldn't matter. Harvard failed to sustain any sort of offense, which you've probably deduced already thanks to the goose-egg next to their name.
I can't even imagine what it would be like if our football team played a DI nowadays (you see, Centre's players actually still have to go to class and earn their grades).

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