17 October 2008

Friday Caption Contest

Name that pic - winner to be announced next Wednesday:

The only rules are the same ones as always - No Politics - Civility (no cursing or name calling) - No Politics

(with thanks to the long gone Commonwealth Conservative whose idea I am stealing - NOW WITH EXPLICIT APPROVAL BY CHAD DOTSON)


Anonymous said...

Blonde Justice relaxes (passes out) after a long day in court getting smacked around by the savvy prosecutors in case after case.

Joel Rosenberg said...

"I told you I wouldn't settle for just the ruby shoes," Dorothy said.

Windypundit said...

As the thunder of the shots faded, and the furious screeching of the monkeys gave way to a mournful keening that was somehow even worse, Glinda lit another cigarette and inhaled deeply, the hot smoke not quite strangling the acrid odor of gunpowder and the shocking metallic smell of shed blood. Yeah, she was tired of being the good witch.

Sprocket said...

I told you a silver bullet would kill a witch. I was right.