08 August 2011

Around the Web

1) ESPN does not want you to know that Dick Vitale met the Pope. Long live the anti-Catholic bias!

2) It's good that the Army is preparing for the zombie horde.

3) Scott makes the case for not going to Widener School of Law.

4) At least in Idaho, it is illegal during closing arguments for a prosecutor to talk about a refusal by a defendant to allow a search.

5) A potentially very valuable painting of the face of Jesus was stolen from closet in a trailer.

6) Finally, now that I've had time to bury it, the Virginia State Bar has issued an opinion that prosecutors cannot propose and defense attorneys cannot recommend a condition in a plea agreement stipulating that the defendant waives his ability to raise an ineffective assistance of counsel on appeal or habeas.

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Anonymous said...

On the refuse-to-consent issue from Idaho: I don't have a cite handy, but I remember from my time as a federal clerk in West Virginia that this is Fourth Circuit law saying the same thing.