21 August 2011

Yes, Pills are a Problem Even if the Feds Won't Admit It

The Associated Press is reporting that the DEA and FDA have royally screwed up in the scheduling of hydrocodone. More accurately, they have screwed up the transfer of hydrocodone cut with acetaminophen from a schedule III drug to a schedule II drug.
"They're not doing a darn thing. There's no study that takes 12 years. When you think how many people have died of hydrocodone overdoses, it's inexcusable."
Anybody who deals with this as part of the criminal justice system understands the problems that this has caused. A larger portion of doctors et al. seem to have caught on that oxycodone is a massive problem, but they don't seem to have caught on to this fact for hydrocodone. The stuff seems to get handed out like candy and abusers are everywhere. Get off the stick. Hydrocodone and acetaminophen needs to be a schedule II.

This garbage is poisoning large portions of the country. It's even getting to the point that companies can't hire people.
Not long ago, 11 people applied for a job with a small Southwest Virginia business. Five walked away when told they would have to take a drug test. Another five took the test and failed.

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