12 April 2020

Latest COVID-19 Number Boosting in Virginia

Changes the Virginia Department of Health has been making in Numbers of Cases from day of first showing symptoms - Click to Enlarge
Fourth time I've checked. Fourth time the Virginia Department of Health has increased the numbers.

The numbers of new cases the Virginia Department of Health has reported as of 12 April 2020. The last two weeks look about the same, so I checked them and it turns out the latest week averages slightly more:
Weekly Average of New Cases: 138 to 185 to 200
The chart was done with a week measured as Saturday thru Friday, because apparently people aren't getting the disease over the weekend. More realistically, they aren't going to get tested or being allowed to test if they go and then they are being tested on the next couple days and causing an artificial jump on Mondays and Tuesday. Therefore, those days should be balanced out with the days of the immediately proceeding weekend.

As I said in my last post about the lock down, it's really difficult to know how much of more recent numbers are from more availability of tests. This makes the third week's jump of 15 extra cases on average per day a questionable figure. We'll have to see how the numbers play out for the next week (the stuff in the gray on the chart above).

VDH is still not offering explanations.

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