16 August 2005

Compensation to the Family of Murder Victims

"Mrs Moran has applied to the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal for compensation over the death of her [estranged, gangster] husband, despite profiting by almost $14,000 from his death through sales of her autobiography.

She has already received compensation payouts over the gangland murders of her sons Mark and Jason, and could receive up to $50,000 compensation over the gangland execution of Lewis Moran at a Brunswick club last year.

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Anonymous said...

I think think that criminal acts should accrue only criminal penalties (i.e. incarceration). If the families of victims want financial compensation the state ought to be allowed to have them wave any state charges.

If a person kills another it could criminally be manslaughter or murder in their various degrees. As civil matter it could be wrongful death, etc.

Either a victim gets money or vengeance but not both.

I know that the lawmakers have gotten around this by naming the same act different things. But I would like to see these definition changed so that every bad act is treated only either as a tort or crime and never both.