01 August 2005

A Judge Who Really Knows His Circuit

Client has been found guilty and I am trying to keep him on bond until his sentencing hearing. Mainly, I am arguing that he should stay on bond so he can keep his job. The Judge starts questioning Client:
Judge: You work at Zed Corp?

Client: Yes sir.

Judge: Has that been sold to Gamma Corp?

Client: About a year ago.

Judge: And does Moses still work there?

Client: Yeah, but he's been moved into packaging.
Apparently my client answered all the questions correctly 'cuz he got to stay out on bond.

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Anonymous said...

One of the things about practicing in a mostly rural setting is that the Judges really do get to know a lot of the people who go through the court system. They know some people through whose kids they are there. You get a feel real quick for who can be trusted and who you need to keep an eye on.