30 August 2005

Lx Radio
Off the Cuff: The Law of Battery in Virginia


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The topic this week is Felony and Misdemeanor A&B's in Virginia. It discusses the history of battery crimes, Malicious Wounding, Unlawful Wounding, A&B of Guards, A&B of Police, Domestic A&B, and Simple A&B.

In case anyone out there needs this warning: This ain't legal advice. Everything in the podcast is off the cuff and I did not go back and read all the cases and statutes before I spoke. The law may have changed, I may have misread and misunderstood something two years ago and still be clinging to a misperception. The way I describe the courts as working probably doesn't even apply to the courts I practice in. In fact - just in case someone is stoned enough to start quoting me as authority to a judge - I hereby state that everything in this lawcast is pure fiction. IT AIN'T LEGAL ADVICE.

Whew. Now that that's out of the way, let me say that this started as an attempt to do a vidcast but that didn't work because my computer kept locking up. I'm not sure if that is because I don't have enough memory or a good enough graphic card or that I was using the movie program that came with my computer. Anyway, I had to convert mpeg to mp3 and then spend a lot of time editing it down. There may still be parts wherein I talk like it's a vidcast and I apologize for that.

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Patrick McKenzie said...

Hiya. Just wanted to say I listened through the entirety of that podcast/lecture and can say with certainty I've had worse ones in college which I paid a heck of a lot more to listen to. I'm afraid its highly unlikely I'll ever be in the position to defend someone from a malicious wounding charge in Virginia but, well, that puts it about as useful as most of my lectures.