16 August 2005

Race Hate Crime Rise Claim Rubbished.

Have the London bombings led to increased hate crimes?


Brian said...

The media and many Muslims have huge nerve to go on TV and cry about being afraid after terrorist scum kill people. I cannot believe that every time Muslim terrorists go out and kill people, I have to hear about how afraid they are. How many mosques have been firebombed by angry white people? The next one will be the first. They need to shut up and stop acting like they are the victimes.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, Brian, but here in NYC there were several beatings of random innocents after 9/11. Some were not Muslim (not a race, in case you don't realize that); they happened to be brown at the wrong place and time, and the aggressors were too ignorant to know the difference between a Sikh or a Coptic and a Muslim. (Of course, if they weren't so ignorant, they probably wouldn't have done it in the first place.)

I say this in all earnestness: Please don't pretend it doesn't happen or isn't wrong. Neither the violence against innocent citizens, nor denying it exists, gets anyone anywhere.