14 August 2005

Debating Death

Somewhere along the way I picked up this bit of wisdom: Be careful when you go to rural jurisdictions. Farmers learn early on that if there's something wrong with one of the cows you separate and you kill it. It's not that they hate Bessie or think she deserves to be killed, it's that the herd will be better off. They will apply this same philosophy to your client.

From a post on The Irish Trojan's blog dated 8/05/2005 01:18:00 AM EST, here are the comments which are arguing over this same sort of treatment for people (I'd cite the exact post except I can't get that to work).


ken said...

There was a post here, but it was an argument about Iraq which has nothing to do with this topic. I assume that blogger sent the post to the wrong blog. So I took it down.

Anonymous said...

Ken, you're too kind. I'm sorry. I get a little overworked some times, and suffer from... topic drift.

I love your mild-yet-responsible tone. In fact, I seek to emulate it.