15 August 2005

Here are a couple of organizations dedicated to helping those who have spent time in prison:

Project Return

The After Prison Initiative

I've been asked to identify any organizations of this type which are out there. Does anyone know of others?


Adelaide Gamer said...

In my neck of the woods (South Australia) the main body is Offenders Aid and Rehabilitation Service of S.A. (OARS). They are very important to help with counselling, social workers etc. They also provide a specialised accomodation service, including running several 'homes' of their own where folk can serve out sentence on Home Detention or be released on Bail with Home Detention. There's another group I haven't had contact with - 'Sisters Inside'.

Omnibabe said...

Ken --

The Safer Foundation in Chicago is doing great work. (My boss is on their board.) Their website is here: http://www.saferfoundation.org