19 August 2005

So Goofy It's Worth a Play

This has absolutely nothing to do with criminal law but there's a firm out there with a quiz it is offering to law students as part of a contest for pro bono funding.

It is so goofy they had to be trying. After the intro make sure you answer a few questions both correctly and incorrectly. Maybe it's just me but I couldn't stop laughing.

Of course, the guy doing the quiz could probably buy everything I own with half a month's salary. So, he must be do something right - just not MC'ing quiz shows.

[addendum] I just looked at the thing again and the guy calls himself the "young Frank Hogan" which I assume is the Hogan in the firm name. So he's probably an actor and might not make as much money as I thought. Although I guess "the young Frank Hogan" could mean he's Frank Biffington Hogan the Fourth.

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