28 April 2005

Done for the Week

I'm not going to post for at least until Monday. If my jury trial goes well I'll probably be back posting on Monday night. If I lose I'll be somewhere beating my head into a wall.

Anyway, if you really want posts here go harass Skelly, Blonde Justice, Mike, or Tom (all of whom have the ability to blog at CrimLaw) until they post here just to get you to leave them alone.

I've also offered 123txpublicdefender123 the ability to post over here for at least the next week. Injustice Anywhere seems to be a good blog; I can only hope some of it rubs off over here.

BTW: Anyone out there who is a practicing criminal lawyer (from either side of the aisle) and wants to guest blog here for a while contact me if you can live by these simple rules

1) No politics.

2) No Politics.

3) No Politics.

4) Civility Reigns.
a) No cursing
b) No attacks on others.
i) Well, okay, you can "attack" someone but nothing nasty or mean.
5) Keep a sense of humor
a) For goodness sake it's a blog not a Supreme Court brief.
b) And not even one of the most important ones.
Heck, I'd probably even let a judge post here if I got a little desperate. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the trial - I've got two next week, so I know the feeling.

Indiana Public Defender said...

Go get um at trial and good luck.

Don't let Judges post. :)

Melissa said...

Good luck.

Blonde Justice said...

Hey, does anyone else here think it's "interesting" that Ken had to take off because of a "trial" on the same day that he got this "summons" that turned out to be the "wrong address?"

Yeah, me neither. Good luck with your trial!

Anonymous said...

I'm Sure It Is All A Big Misunderstanding.

Nobody would issue a summons incorrectly.

I hope Ken's "case" works out "OK".

And I'm still waiting to get his cell number. I did promise to only call late, and drunk. That's got to narrow the times down enough that he wouldn't mind much, right?

Anonymous said...

What trial do you have, Lammers?