15 April 2005

Off Point: Baseball

Take me out to the ball game . . .

So, I have to drive up to Northern Virginia tomorrow to visit a client in jail in Alexandria. In general, driving anywhere near DC is a pain but I hope things won't be too bad on a Saturday.

Anyway, since I'm required to head in that direction I decided I'd go to watch the Nationals play. I'm really happy to have a big league team within a couple hours. Prior to this I could go to watch the Richmond Braves (and I still plan to do this) but I suspect I shan't be able to do this much longer since the idiots in Richmond seem determined to drive the Braves out. And of course, I guess I could have driven a little further north in order to watch some team from the lesser league which I understand is up there (there are rumors that some team is up there which doesn't allow it's pitchers to bat).

Now, if we could just get a local channel to carry the games. The only pro team we get are the Atlanta Braves on radio.


Anonymous said...

What is Richmond doing to drive the Braves out, friend?

Ken Lammers said...

Well, I'm not up on all the facts but a couple years back cement fell from the top of the stadium down into the seating area (no one was hurt). Last year the field was flooded so that the Richmond Braves had to cancel a number of games (on days it wasn't raining). A new stadium is needed.

There's been talk for a while now about a new stadium but the city doesn't want to pay for it. At first there was an attempt to get the surroundiong counties to put some money in but they refused. So the Braves come up with a proposal wherein they would pay for the stadium and build it in a part of town which the city is trying hard to reclaim. It would require the removal of a gas station and some old buildings. Historical societies kicked a fit. The mayor keeps making noise about needing to see the Braves plan but it feels an awful lot like he's trying to delay so that this plan can die like the other ones have.

If I were the Braves I would have already moved.