03 February 2006


1) "A lot of states seem comfortable with a stalemate on the death penalty."

2) Iowa Senate fussing about the death penalty.

3) "Most Europeans see the continuation of the death penalty in the U.S. as barbaric and uncivilized, and they are right." Does that argument actually work anywhere in the US?

4) "The [US Supreme Court] justices will consider whether a Florida inmate was wrongly barred from pursuing a claim that the lethal drugs cause pain in violation of the constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment."

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Anonymous said...

Argument 3 only works in the northeast of the US where they don't have the death penalty (or if they have it, very rarely execute prisoners). After moving from Boston to Cincinnati I find that argument no longer carries the weight it did ;) It's not a particularly persuasive argument no matter where you are though...