24 February 2006

Feeling the Luv

A heartfelt comment about this site from hereabouts:

This might be the worst blog I've ever seen. Bear in mind what the your average blog is like. This isn't like saying "Worst Shakespeare play", it's like saying "worst Nazi atrocity."

Let's run down its many awful crimes.

It is arranged in four bizzare columns, two of which are devoted to a list of other blogs.

This two column log blog roll runs to over three hundred entries, by my count. Yet he has no idea how to order the list, so the second to last one winds up being Slashdot.

It contains a link to the Vancouver Law Librarian blog which, inexplicably, seems to mostly discuss the use of RSS feeds.

It contains embedded video, for a "Law TV" segment that seems to be produced by the blogger.

The guy in the video looks like an absolute 'tard. I think it's deliberate, but still.

Much of the news is very old, as in, I saw it on Fark last summer old.

No one ever comments, because anyone who reads this awful blog is immediately struck too dumb to speak.

A list of 60 or so "Post of note" is included, in the fourth column, below all the counters and things. Tankfully, this hides it from view, so as to decrease the amount of time one spends on the site.

No serious, what the %%%%? That whole site is a steaming pile of ####.

Like from a @@@@.

And he's already hit Godwin's Law so I can't comment on how lame I might think his setup is . . .


Tom McKenna said...

Ken: In light of this serious critique, I recommend a name change of the blog to "serious 'tard." If not, then at least that would be a cool name for a rock band.

Steve Matthews said...

RSS? yup. I also blog about other web technologies, knowledge management and anything else that a 'modern librarian' would be interested in...

Oh well, I'll rename my blog too - "The serious 'tard RSS lovin' but still likes the occasional book Librarian guy blog" Think it'll catch on? :-)

Don't sweat the commenter 'tude dude!


JD Byrne said...

All of that comment begs the question: if this is a blog of such lowly stature, why did he feel the need to bloviate at length to convince people of that? I, for one, like the extensive blogroll - it's the only way mine makes it on there! :)

Windypundit said...

Weird complaints from a guy with a bland-as-dirt free livejournal blog that doesn't even have a blogroll. Maybe he'd like your blog more if you talked about the way-cool Winter Olympics and the Kid Rock sex tape like he does.

JDB hits it on the head with this:

All of that comment begs the question: if this is a blog of such lowly stature, why did he feel the need to bloviate at length to convince people of that?

CrimLaw is PageRank 6 and he's PageRank 0. Ken linked to him. I'm just sayin'...

Blonde Justice said...

I think the blogroll is very well ordered. That's why mine is third on the list!

That was intentional, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who posted the comments about this site, and so I think I'll defend myself.

My Livejournal is not a blog per se. It's a way for me to post interesting things I find with a few friends, and it's not really for anyone else. I wasn't making my comments about this site because I wanted to "convince anyone" that it was bad. I did that because I saw an opportunity to make a few friends laugh, and point out something I think they might find amusing.

I talk about the Winter Olympics and the Kid Rock sex tape, because that's what my audience will find amusing. I didn't complain about you talking about law, since that's why your audience(including myself) is coming to the blog.

What I did complain about was the awful layout of this site. In my defense, the design here is generally quite awful. When I made my initial post, however, I wasn't aware that the people who populated this site were petty blowhards who feel the need to lash out someone for expressing a private opinion against something they like. If I had to do it again, I would probably complain about them too.

Seriously, were you(Ken Lammers) so offended by a few complaints that you felt the need to make sure that the six people who read this site came to your defense?

So instead of ignoring me, we hear a lot about how my blog sucks, and I have a low Page Rank and I obviously must live with my parents.

Also, Godwin's law doesn't not invalidate anything. This is a popular misunderstanding of Godwin's law. Godwin's law is merely a statement of fact: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." It doesn't say anything about what happens when the Nazi comparision is made. This is just a pet peeve of mine, and I thought that needed clearing up.

Windypundit said...

Well, you're dead right about Godwin's law. It was somebody else that claimed the person who used the Nazi reference had lost. Also, sometimes in this world a comparison to the Nazis is entirely appropriate. Not blog design though, that was a little over the top.

What's unintentionally funny about your complaint is that, as someone once said, "Lammers changes his format more often than a teenage girl changes her hair."

This one has stuck around longer than usual---except that he keeps moving the panels around---but I'm sure it will change one of these days.

And I'm pretty sure the 'tard thing is intentional...

Anonymous said...

I made some jokes to get my friends to laugh in what is pretty clearly a private space, and I'm confused, not upset, as to why anyone cared enough to "call me on it." Yes, I made references to the Nazis, because absurd references to the Nazis are funny. At least they are to most everyone who was supposed to be reading that. If I do it an serious conversation, then you might have reason to ignore me.

As for the comment about my mother, lay off. Accusing everyone you don't like of being a kid is one of the more irritating habits of lazy internet discussion. I'm an adult, as are you, so why don't we all just go on being adults without anyone saying otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Hah. Can I rephrase your first sentence?

"I made fun of somebody behind their back because it was funny, and I'm confused why they, when they found out, responded by making fun of me publically."

Its the same reason the jocks hold you upside down with your head in a toilet whenever they find out the things you say when they're not around.

Windypundit said...

I've seen that before. For some reason, some Livejournal people are under the impression that it's a private forum of some kind, or that it's somehow rude to notice them or link to them. Maybe it's something in Livejournal's marketing materials.

Dude, you're on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Ken's invention of a new word, which, seriously, would be a good new word--"inciteful"--even if he did mean --"insightful".

Kurt Hunt said...

This whole thing had me pretty amused... internet criticism so often gets out of hand since people are happy to have a platform and feel insulated by their "virtualness." The internet is 65% ego and 35% hyperbole.

However, my amusement exploded into hilarity when I read this quote: "I made some jokes to get my friends to laugh in what is pretty clearly a private space"

Livejournal "clearly a private space"? Good god, do we not understand what the internet is?

Anonymous said...

He does have a point, the 4 column format is a bit akward, especially if you view it on a pocket pc.
The "300 links" is also a bit... well.. much.
A pause button would be nice for the video stream as well.