04 February 2006


Oh, sure, I check my blog and find out I've been tagged. So now ya'll have to suffer thru this:

Four jobs I’ve had:

1) Soda Jerk
2) Movie Theater Manager
3) Army Arabic Linguist (HUMINT)
4) Sears electronics salesman

Four movies I can watch over and over:

1) Army of Darkness
2) Midway
3) Princess Bride
4) The Longest Day

Four places I've lived:

1) Lexington, Kentucky
2) Monterey, California
3) Fayetteville, North Carolina
4) Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Four TV shows:

1) Babylon 5
2) Gilmore Girls
3) America & the Courts
4) DL.TV

Four places I’ve vacationed:

1) San Francisco
2) Jerusalem
3) Cairo, Egypt
4) Appalachian Mountains

Four of my favorite dishes:

1) Lamb Shwarma
2) My mom's apple dumplings
3) Humous
4) Biscuts and Gravy

Four sites I visit daily (other than this one)

1) Mobuzz TV
2) Day by Day
3) Richmond: And Another Thing . . .
4) Dappled Things

Four places I'd rather be:

1) International Space Station
2) Walking a trail thru the forest
3) At a University Library
4) Rupp Arena

Four (law) bloggers I'm tagging:

1) Tom McKenna
2) Blonde Justice
3) Have Opinion, Will Travel
4) Mike


Blonde Justice said...

Ha ha! I did mine already!
Here it is: Blonde Justice: Meme of 4s

And I love lamb shwarma and hummus too!

Anonymous said...

Noticed you attended DLI in Monterey. I was a Korean linguist in the Air Force. I really enjoyed that year I spent at the Presidio, and Monterey is a great place.