16 February 2006

Not the way to start your legal career.


Anonymous said...

I don't think they were starting their career, but the "offering" firm was in the wrong. Lowering the starting salary is not a good thing.

he who is known as sefton said...
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Ken Lammers said...

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Steve Armstrong said...

I don't know what the posting that was removed said- but I thought that the email(s) were @#%*ing funny! Seriously, as a first year law student who just had to re-work his resume and cover letter for summer externships, I found this to be hilarious! I'm gonna print it off and share with everyone (professors and students alike)!

Kurt Hunt said...

I have to disagree with Anonymous above. The hiring attorney wasn't completely blameless, but it sounds like he didn't make an offer until the salary was lowered.

And regardless of any perceived fault of his, her response was completely uncalled for. It amazes me that she thinks she did nothing wrong.