05 July 2006

New Stuff Out There

First off is CopCast, a weekly podcast by acouple of offixers addressing items of interest to officers. Seems like a decent enough audiocast and I definitely reccomend that ya'll check it out.

Next is a new blog, Crime and Consequences. It's more or less a push blog. It's disturbing to see things attributed to "staff" which implies that this isn't really someone trying to bring a unique point of view to the web, but an organization which has been sold on a blog as a means of furthering its agenda and has a random intern putting in a story or two. The list of notables that are supposed to be contributing is impressive except for the fact that none of them seem to be contributing anything other than their names. We've all seen this type of blog before. Usually it's some big firm which is doing it because blogging is the trendy thing to do and the costs are minimal. Right now Kent Scheidugger is the driving force behind the blog and posts 2-4 times daily. Nothing too terribly substantial so far - we'll see.

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