16 October 2010

I'm Famous!!!!
or at least on Topix

So, I'm sitting in my office, diligently working my Friday away, when I get a call: "Ken, you've got to come see this." It turns out that one of the attorneys has been checking out Topix, which is a nationwide community bulletin board system and has a significant following in our locality. Everyone checks it out at least once in a while to check on the gossip (of course, those in my office are only checking it to make sure no information dangerous to ongoing investigations and prosecutions is leaking).

The topic of discussion on one thread is who the hot local law enforcement types are. They are sniping back and forth and then, out of the blue comes this comment:
I hear about one that works in court house they call him the hammer, he must be hot.
Ain't but one Hammer at this here courthouse.

Now the only question is whether it is Wintertime Bearded Hammer which is hot or Summertime Bald Hammer?


ThatLawyerdude said...

Ah Ken it has been a while my friend. Anyway, I vote for Summertime Bald. YOU are one MEAN looking bad ass prosecutor!!

Anonymous said...

I like beard Ken the best. It says "I'm sophisticated, but I like to party."