04 October 2010

Virginia's Constitutional Criminal Cases - August 2010

Part 1 of 4. Tuesday will be the Criminal Procedure cases.


Bad Monkey said...

Great summaries, as usual.

I like the "hmm" at the end when discussing Fitchett v. Commonwealth.

Sounds like since there did end up being some kind of evidence of a crime some judges decided to find a way to keep the evidence.

Not exactly ends justifying the means but perhaps justifying the means in order to get to the ends.

P.S. My cat likes to "talk", 7 minute mark, too.

Ken Lammers said...

Yeah, Mister was upset because I wouldn't let him in and therefore he sat under my window critiquing my comments. In the next section, you'll notice my dog joins in.

There might have been a little more after that hmmmm, but I had to cut a lot of commentary out because of time constraints.