02 October 2010

Jury: Don't Steal Here

Not my case, but the jury teed on this thief in my jurisdiction.


Bad Monkey said...

Same county that handed down a 40 year sentence for selling a third of a gram of cocaine.

Why am I not surprised.

Actually I am surprised. I'd have figured more.

I won't ask you're opinion since you work in that office, but I think we do have to consider at what point do punishments simply become so counterproductive to rehabilitation that we might as well just cut off hands.

Ken Lammers said...

I don't think the jury had the slightest bit of interest in rehabilitating this defendant. Neither of these cases involved first time offenders or second time offenders or even third time offenders.

Bad Monkey said...

I probably should have said I wasn't asking because I just wouldn't think it proper to ask you to potentially make a statement not supportive of what the office has achieved.

I also have (and had) no doubt these were never first time offenders. My statement is more to what the State has deemed appropriate punishment possibilities. Simply a bit of dismay that the earlier (40 year) sentence is possible.

I'm not one who thinks prison is more about rehabilitation than punishment, only that it should still be a concern. At what point are we simply giving up on a person and saying lets just go to pure punishment at this point, even to working against any possible rehabilitation.