30 October 2010

Pitbulls and Parolees

I was just flipping through channels and came across Animal Planet's Pitbulls and Parolees.  It's pretty much exactly what its name says it is, an animal rescue for pitbulls which employs parolees. They show the typical problems with dogs (training, aggression, adoption) and the typical problems with parolees (which seems to primarily be not showing up).

It's an interesting enough show, but they spent half the show going to court in Las Vegas trying to get a bond hearing for the main protaganist's husband. They got shifted through four different judges and spent an entire day in court before the hearing got continued to a different day. The main problem is that they kept estimating the time for the bond hearing to be two hours . . . three hours . . . four hours (it seemed to increase as the day went on).

Good gracious. A bond hearing in Virginia takes an hour, at the very most. What the heck do ya'll in them there other states do during a bond hearing? Translate every question into Latin and the answers into Greek? I mean, how long can it take to call the defendant's Mom to say he's a good kid who shouldn't be held responsible because he has ADHD, have the prosecutor point out the defendant has been convicted of 7 prior felonies, and hear the judge say yes or no?

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