04 January 2012

Another State's Fix of the Law of Stealing

Here in Virginia we have larceny, larceny by trick, embezzlement, fraud, concealment (shoplifting), larceny of farm animals, larceny of milk crates, bad checks, &cetera. It's a pain. That's why I love this section of Texas' statute:
Sec. 31.02. CONSOLIDATION OF THEFT OFFENSES. Theft as defined in Section 31.03 constitutes a single offense superseding the separate offenses previously known as theft, theft by false pretext, conversion by a bailee, theft from the person, shoplifting, acquisition of property by threat, swindling, swindling by worthless check, embezzlement, extortion, receiving or concealing embezzled property, and receiving or concealing stolen property.
I get choked up just looking at it.

How do I get the Virginia General Assembly to adopt that statute? Please?

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Anonymous said...

That statute is epic! That's "Texas Justice" for you.