11 December 2005

And the Next A.G. Will Be . . .

We haven't even finished the Virginia Attorney General recount and someone's already sewing up the next election:

(Of course, he'll hire someone better than me to do his campaign posters)

Watch this video from his last campaign and tell me he wouldn't get your vote.


Anonymous said...


I can't stand that picture, but I do enjoy Del. Terry Kilgore in the background, checking out the scene.

I'll have to find you another photo. :)

Ken Lammers said...

Well, a quick google search only turned up that and the pictures from your first day as head of the local Republican party. I thought the beard might be a little off-putting for grandmotherly types who might associate it with hooliganism. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I had to lose the facial hair, for which my wife is grateful. Since it's so cold now, perhaps I should grow it back.

Naaahhh...wouldn't want to be associated with hooliganism.