31 December 2005

The Year Hereabouts

1) I ran for Supreme Court and even put out an advertisement.

2) It was hard to decide who was my most interesting client this year so here are the top two.

3) My favorite case of the year.

4) A frustrating moment in court.

5) I discovered that Virginia courts are liberal.

6) My most heavily read post of the year (I think).

7) The decision which made the least sense this year (and drove me nuts).

8) The biggest fuss in Virginia legal circles this year was when a pro-prosecution judge started forcing prosecutors and police to actually prove DUI accusations rather than assuming guilt. Video. Later follow-up.

9) My favorite new blog.

10) My favorite story of this week. Just imagine having to explain to your fellow officers that you were run off by a vicious pack of rat-dogs.

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