03 December 2005

Lexington-Fayette Commonwealth Attorney

As long time readers know, I find the Lexington prosecutor's site amusing. It's kind of garish and in your face - clearly a departure from the vast majority of prosecutor pages, which are usually pretty innocuous. Still, I haven't linked to it lately because a while back I had come to the conclusion that it had stopped being updated. However, being back in Lexington I was inspired to take a look.

And, what do you know, there's new content. Enjoy.


123 said...
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Anonymous said...

I've known Ray Larson a long time and in reality he is a very funny and intelligent guy. There is no question that he is dedicated to prosecution but in person, he is not quite as "over the top" as his website would suggest. However, that website has made him an incredible political force in Lexington. I know he has turned down several offers to move to the state and federal bench and to run for Congress.

ray Larson said...

Thanks for checking our web page out and making your comments about it. Not sure what "garish" means in relation to a web page. But it's a great word.
You're right. Most prosecutor web sites are what I call "term-paper" sites. You know, the sites that high school students go to just once to write a report on a prosecutor. They never return. We do have a pretty sizeable regular audience. Nothing else to do I suppose.
I do like your site. It provides lots of information about criminal justice issues that I think are important, albeit from a different perspective.
Thanks for the www.lexingtonprosecutor.com "shout-out"
Ray the D.A.