20 December 2005

Don't Borrow Commie Books

A college student ordered, through an inter-library system, the Little Red Book. Why? He was writing a paper on communism for his class on fascism and totalitarianism.

Next thing he knows, federal agents show up at his door.


Anonymous said...

This story lacked credibility.

1. Most schools (including the UMASS system) don't request ss numbers on ILL forms.

2. The Little Red Book is available on the internet in English and Chinese.

3. The student's name wasn't mentioned. (I would have liked to have known whether he was American or not -- my guess is what he was foreign, not that it matters.)

4. No details of the questions asked were mentioned.

5. Many academics (and lawyers, buinesspeople, etc.) travel abroad frequently, and check out similar books from libraries.

TWM said...

This sounds completely bogus.

There are not enough agents to check out some college kid checking out the little red book.

I do find this comment interesting though:

"Mao Tse-Tung is completely harmless."

I wonder if the Chinese living under communism believe that?

markm said...

TWM: I'm hoping that the professor meant "harmless within this context". The Little Red Book certainly failed to turn me into a Commie terrorist. Actually, it made me wonder how people could read such crap...

OTOH, I've heard enough stories of leftist insanity in our college faculties to wonder whether the professor really did mean that 80 million dead Chinese don't make Mao harmful...

TWM said...

Just heard that the kid admitted he lied about the whole thing.


Go figure.