11 December 2005

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1) An elected judge v. an unelected supervisory commission - guess who wins.

2) The question in my mind is whether double jeopardy is a waivable right or whether it is a burden on the prosecution (and thus not something the defendant can waive).

3) MADD gets away with a blatant attempt to influence juries.

4) In case you hadn't heard, the government lost its big "terrorist" case.

5) DANG! What kind of engine is Toyota putting in its cars? 770 miles per hour over the speed limit.

6) Tired of your average, run-of-the-mill taser abuse stories? Well, here's one I've never seen before: an officer tasered his partner because she wouldn't pull over and let him buy a coke.

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Anonymous said...

Former jeopardy is waivable.

When a defendent moves for a mistrial for any reason other than as a result of prosecution misconduct, he's essentially waiving jeopardy, since his former jeopardy won't bar his retrial.