06 December 2005

At a Glance...

I just finished my first law school “Final Exam” (Torts). I feel like I just gave birth. To an attorney. Next semester, I’ll have my first CrimLaw class. Anyway, here are some CrimLaw headlines from around the country.

More Judges Gone Wild
A North Carolina judge who was censured twice for her behavior and facing a third complaint was relieved of duty by the chief justice of the state Supreme Court. The judge has been accused of berating and belittling lawyers, mocking a witness and other questionable behavior.

Man Sentenced in Judge Murder Plot
A Kentucky man was sentenced to 20 years in prison on each of two counts of attempted murder. The man was convicted of plotting a year ago to murder Judge Bruce Petrie at the County Courthouse and his former wife.

‘Tis the Season…
A 69 year old Salvation Army bell ringer in Florida wasn't going to let someone run off with his red kettle. He ran after the thief, who was decades younger and about 100 pounds heavier, authorities said. The bell ringer grabbed back the 20-pound kettle before the thief sped off in a car.

Iowa Lawmakers Debate Reinstating the Death Penalty
Lawmakers in Iowa are renewing a push to reinstate the death penalty. The debate will come next month when lawmakers consider toughening the state's sex abuse laws. One state senator says the death penalty would be limited to those who kidnap, sexually assault and kill a child.


KipEsquire said...

Torts is proof that God loves lawyers and wants them to be happy.

Anonymous said...

I just finished my Sales & Lease exam. I went over the word limit on 7 of the 8 questions (each one with a 50 word limit)... I guess I shouldn't expect a great grade :(
And I thought I liked the UCC. Good luck with your other exams.

Steve Armstrong said...

Thanks- Speaking of UCC, I have CONTRACTS on Friday!