02 March 2006

Around the Web

1) Austria criminalizes stupidity. Via SA

2) Blonde Justice experiments on her clients.

3) I've seen more than one judge keep a woman in jail because she was a drug addict and she was pregnant.

4) Mike is reading help wanted ads.

5) No jail for stripping your employee (at McDonalds).

6) The Evil Empire will be K-mercialized.

7) Y'know, this is just another comment to add to my potential Court of Appeals nightmare, but I can't help myself. Is it just me or does everyone else who looks at the picture think "Monty Python?"

8) Justice Ginsburg fell asleep during oral arguments. Via Q&O.


markm said...

re #3: Like she couldn't get drugs in jail...

TWM said...

Wouldn't it be fun if we could really do number 1? The only problem is who would put up my bail money?

Gideon's Guardians said...

Re: #7 I, too thought Monty Python. I also thought 'corncob.'