01 March 2006

Supervisor Barber's talk recorded...

[[Note from Ken: Ed Barber is a county supervisor in the county where Tom prosecutes, I have the majority of my practice, and Steve was (prior to law school) a county probation officer]]

Prior to supervisor's arrest, police listened as he spoke on phone with accuser in sex case.
When this case first came to light, the media reported over and over again how "[t]he charges are not the first time Barber has faced accusations of inappropriate contact with juveniles." As those who are local may remember- the previous allegations were that he allowed kindergarten students to massage his shoulders. Police filed no charges in those complaints. Now, the alleged victim is 16 years old.

Prior to going to law school, I was in law enforcement for over 13 years (both city police and county probation). In my experience with child molesters, they generally stick to the same or similar victim profile. That is, if the offender has a preference for little girls, he stays with/preys on little girls. He doesn't "switch" to teenagers or young women.

I don't know what happened or what is happening with this case, but I believe that the press - by trying to tie-in the old allegations to these new ones - are trying to make the case that this guy is a serial sexual predator. He may be, but I'm sure the evidence is there yet.

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